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PGS Engineering:

  • Pavement Management
  • Site Investigation
  • Pavement Design
  • Expert Advice

Areas of expertise:

  • More Durable, Longer Lasting Pavements
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Base & Subgrade Stabilization
  • 100% RAP Pavements
  • Reflective Crack Mitigation

While haul roads and access roads in the industrial industry are often low volume roads compared to highways and distribution centers, they often see heavier loads. The sites these roads serve can suffer significant disruptions and financial loss if they must close for repair. The constant heavy vehicle traffic that makes these roads unique requires more robust support in both paved and unpaved systems. Pacific Geosource believes these roads should be value-retaining assets, and we approach our design with reinforcement solutions focused on quick construction, extended surface life and a decreased need for repair.

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