Pacific GeoSource

Partnership with NVI Advanced Materials Group

Pacific GeoSource is excited to announce its partnership with NVI Advanced Materials Group and NewRoad® to expand its growing offering of pavement solutions.

NewRoad is made from 100% recycled post-industrial waste plastic. A sustainable solution for our growing landfills, NewRoad has been engineered to significantly improve the performance of asphalt pavements. “We are always looking for ways to innovate and make better pavements,” said Michael Frey, President of PGS. “NewRoad allows us to offer our customers more than just better pavements—we can now impact the amount of waste that reaches the landfills, too,” he added.

For example, a typical retail parking lot is around 2,500 tons of asphalt pavement. Using NewRoad in that same lot keeps the equivalent of 250,000 plastic water bottles from reaching landfills and waterways.

“The amount of asphalt pavement in the United States is significant, and with NewRoad we have formulated a plastic that is compatible with all asphalt pavement mix designs,” said Mark Beeman, President of NVI Advanced Materials Group. “We are excited to have PGS partner with us to get the word out on this amazing innovation so we can make a real difference across the US.”

For over a decade Pacific GeoSource has led the way on the design and implementation of pavement solutions that are more cost-effective, better performing, and more sustainable.

Learn more about NewRoad at the link below.