FORTA-FI® Asphalt Reinforcement Stronger Pavement – For Longer Life

THE Sustainability Solution For Asphalt…
The secret to reinforcing almost any construction material is simple: add fibers throughout the material to increase strength, toughness, and durability. FORTA capitalizes on this three dimensional certainty by providing strong and chemically-inert synthetic fibers and materials that mix quickly and distribute uniformly in asphalt mixtures. Once distributed, FORTA-FI act as reinforcement in both conventional and modified asphalt mixtures, delivering improvements to stability-related problems often occurring in unreinforced asphalt pavements.

Cost effective, easy to use and proven – FORTA-FI enables you to get the most out of your pavement dollar increasing safety and durability for years to come!

Made In the USA. Pacific GeoSource is the single source for FORTA-FI® products in States to the west of the Mississippi River.

How FORTA-FI® Works
FORTAfied ® asphalt builds stronger asphalt surfaces, and stronger roads are safer roads. FORTAfied  asphalt reduces maintenance, thereby reducing future costs and extending the service life of a pavement. Asphalt reinforced with FORTA-FI has improved tensile strength, resilient modulus, Marshall Stability and Flow.


Cost Effective

Up to 35% decrease in asphalt thickness or up to 50% increase in asphalt life = $avings and Quality!

No modifications to equipment or placement and compaction practices required!
*Based on case studies designed using the mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG).

There is also the option for designers to reduce the thickness of the asphalt just enough to offset the cost of the FORTA-FI itself. In this way, the pavement owner is able to realize life extension at no additional cost.

FORTI-FI materials have been extensively tested in both the lab and in the field with phenomenal results. In laboratory tests conducted by Arizona State University FORTAfied  asphalt materials demonstrated:

  • Higher crack propagation resistance
  • Higher fatigue life
  • Higher strength (150%)
  • Higher tensile strain at failure
  • Higher fracture energy at failure
  • Lower thermal cracking, even at 14°F (-10°C)


Contact Pacific GeoSource to find out more about using FORTA-FI® in your next project.

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