FORTA® Surface-EXT™ is an alkali and acid resistant glass fiber specifically designed to extend the life of slurry surfacing pavement applications.

Surface-EXT improves pavement flexibility and long-term durability. Surface-EXT is extremely easy to use and has a specific gravity similar to that of the aggregate, which allows it to disperse completely and evenly into the slurry mix. The glass fiber can be used at any dosage to suit the end user’s project needs. Surface-EXT does not increase the water demand of the mix and may reduce the setup and cure time of the mix thus reducing overall road closure time, all without negatively impacting workability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Alkali and acid resistant glass
  • High split efficiency
  • Excellent dispersion
  • No increase in water demand
  • Excellent workability
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Increases pavement flexibility
  • Mitigates reflective cracking
  • Improved long-term durability
  • Suitable for all Slurry Surfacing applications
  • Available as pre-chopped fibers for ease of use*


FORTA Surface-EXT is used in slurry seal and micro surfacing paving applications. Surface-EXT has been designed to arrange into a matrix in the mixture which helps link the asphalt to the aggregate giving the cured mixture additional durability. It assures excellent workability and reliable long-term performance. Use of Surface-EXT typically does not require a change to the mix design, but in some cases may allow a reduction in the mineral requirement for the mix.

* Also available as roving which can be easily chopped on-site/on-demand with special equipment available from FORTA®. If purchased as roving, the rovings are protected by a shrink-wrap polythene film, open at the top which should not be removed when the product is in use. Rovings are packed on pallets.