/ Intermodal

PGS Engineering:

  • Pavement Management
  • Site Investigation
  • Pavement Design
  • Expert Advice

Areas of expertise:

  • More Durable, Longer Lasting Pavements
  • Maintenance Backlog Reduction
  • Base & Subgrade Stabilization
  • 100% RAP Pavements
  • Slurry & Micro-surfacing
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Reflective Crack Mitigation

Intermodal transportation is the lifeline to our international supply chain, facilitating US imports and exports while ensuring those goods are shipped quickly by land, air, and sea. Like distribution centers, but on an even larger scale, intermodal pavements experience extreme weight bearing from heavy loads and never-ending movement. Shutdowns for repair are incredibly expensive and disruptive to operations. Pacific Geosource knows the importance of constructing pavements that can withstand the incredible forces of a intermodal yard, requiring less repair and disruptive operational shutdowns.

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BNSF Railway


Port of Los Angeles


Norfolk Southern

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