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Why Pacific Geosource?

Pacific GeoSource is the leading expert in providing optimized and value-engineered solutions to save money, extend pavement life, and reduce maintenance backlog. We know what works. With offices throughout the United States, we have examined sites with all pavement types and in every climate.

Our goal is to innovate and step outside the box by using proven rehabilitation solutions and reinforcement technologies to change how your pavement performs. Pavements often deteriorate faster than predicted, requiring expensive repairs. Our solutions are uniquely capable of increasing structural capacity, mitigating cracking, and resisting potholes.

The following graph illustrates pavement deterioration between a conventional solution and a Pacific GeoSource solution. The lower the pavement condition the more costly the repairs. We want our pavements to be longer-lasting and stay in “Excellent” and “Good” condition for much longer, resulting in a better performing pavement and fewer complaints.

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