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Our team of licensed pavement engineers and pavement solution managers use their years of experience to cultivate innovative reinforcement solutions suited to your project’s needs. We’ll manage, design, and evaluate your project with you, ensuring seamless integration with your team from start to finish and focusing on what’s important: reducing risk of failures, extending project life, and saving you money. 


Pavement management is a tool that allows owners to keep their pavements looking better, lasting-longer, and costing less. While often overlooked, pavements at commercial and industrial facilities represent are large financial investment and serves as a conduit for daily business.

Pacific GeoSource provides pavement management services to ensure that the Owner gets the greatest return on investment for their pavement assets. Our experienced team specializes in site investigation and implementing a planned strategy according to the goals of the property owner.

Pacific GeoSource is the leading expert in providing optimized and value engineered solutions to save money, extend pavement life, and eliminate hassle. We know what works.


Pavements can fail prematurely in a number of ways including poor design, traffic growth, lack of maintenance, improper drainage, poor construction, or even environmental concerns.

Understanding why the pavement failed is critical in knowing the correct fix.
At PGS, we handle everything from site visits to material testing.

We’ll walk the site with you, understanding distress mechanisms and recommending fixes that stand the test of time.

Pacific GeoSource specializes in pavement design. We are the nations leader in incorporating new and innovative solutions into our designs.

Our team of engineers know how to tackle a variety of pavements, from heavy load-bearing ports and intermodal facilities, all the way down to driveways and tennis courts.

Our goal is to innovate, optimize and save you money.

Design Software We Use:

  • AASHTO ‘93
  • PaveXpress
  • AASHTO PavementME
  • Caltrans
  • PerRoad
  • Army Corp of Engineers (PCASE)
  • American Concrete Institute
  • Asphalt Institute Ports and Intermodal
    & More

We’ve heard the stories over and over.

Lack of quality assurance and those seemingly simple fixes that should last years, consistently become annual fixes.

Just as we understand why things have failed, we aim to prevent these failures by ensuring proper construction and using lessons gained across the country to ensure the paving project performs as expected.

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