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Pacific GeoSource’s pavement management process has been tailored to commercial and industrial property owners, property management companies, and homeowners associations (HOAs). While adapted to fit the needs of each individual property and property owner, our process incorporates the following guide to maximize value.  

Pavement Assessment:

The key to creating optimized yet effective pavement management solutions is to first understand and quantify the current pavement types, conditions, and needs.

Pacific GeoSource will conduct a site visit noting pavement types, thickness (core samples), and square footage while paying particular attention to areas of high automotive and pedestrian traffic, entrances and exits, delivery zones, and garbage areas.

Once the pavement inventory is completed, Pacific GeoSource will document and photograph pavement distress and level of severity. Our custom pavement management program will categorize high priority areas based on property needs and budget. This will also allow us to predict future property needs. 

Our licensed engineers specialize in forensic investigation. Pavements can fail prematurely in a number of ways including poor design, traffic growth, lack of maintenance, improper drainage, poor construction, or even environmental concerns. Understanding why the pavement failed is critical in knowing the correct fix.

performance plan:

We understand that budgets constraints are critical to any pavement applications. We present multiple pavement options and associated cost estimates including proven and innovated construction techniques and products to ensure your pavement lasts longer and costs less. We do the research, so you don’t have to.

Using our customized pavement management program, we can model pavement performance based on various rehabilitation strategies. Strategies are adopted according to facility goals and available funding which are unique to every site.

Pavement management requires continual data collection and monitoring. On an annual basis, Pacific GeoSource will conduct a site visit to verify the performance of maintenance activities, update condition survey data, and continually monitor the effectiveness of the pavement management plan.

Schedule and perform maintenance:

Pacific GeoSource is your one stop shop. We can completely remove the hassle and headache by developing bid packages, coordinating and recommending local contractors, and handling the bid process.

Pacific GeoSource will develop the project scope including bid schedule and quantities and serve as a resource to answer any contractor questions.

With offices throughout the United States and thousands of completed projects, we will recommend and coordinate with local paving contractors who deliver proven quality work.

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