Pacific GeoSource

- Creating A Good Asphalt Mix -

Creating asphalt is a bit like a baking recipe—lots of variables, and many different outcomes.

Take baking a chocolate chip cookie for example.

You can burn them, make them soft and gooey, thin and crunchy… You can load them up with chocolate chips, or go easy and just mix in a few… Everyone’s recipe and outcome goals are different.

Mixing asphalt is like mixing a batch of cookie dough.

Like baking cookies, different mixes and ratios will provide different results. The right mixture is the golden ticket to achieving project goals.

Our mission at Pacific GeoSource is to create a pavement mixture that will last. Through a combination of our engineering expertise and our innovative solutions, we increase asphalt strength and toughness to withstand the stress and fatigue a road endures.


• Last longer
• Have higher strength
• Resist cracking and rutting
• Can handle heavy traffic and higher load capacities
• Reduce emissions
• Save you money

It is our goal to create a longer-lasting pavement that survives the wear and tear of heavy loads and high traffic, all while requiring less maintenance and saving you money. If you’re ready to build #betterpavements, contact us at one of the links below!