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Project Profile – Weyerhaeuser

The timber industry is notoriously tough on pavements.

Haul roads and log yards experience continuous traffic every day – specifically traffic carrying very heavy loads.

At Pacific GeoSource, we’re here to ensure your yard can handle those heavy loads. Our goal is to help you keep operations running smoothly and avoid disruptive shutdowns.

The type of equipment used in the timber industry is already heavy on its own. Combine that with the weight of the logs they carry, and you have a heavy load that needs to get from point A to point B.

With these heavy loads moving around every day, log yard pavements demand a design that can hold strong and keep production going.

For this project in Cottage Grove, OR, Weyerhaeuser wanted to increase the structural capacity of their log yard pavements, reducing the need for costly maintenance resulting in continuous shutdowns.

We worked with Weyerhaeuser to assess their unique needs and design a new system that met their goals. We worked together with Martin Creek Quarry and Rundell Excavation to guide a successful construction process and ensure proper material usage.

The use of ROCKGRID was vital in adding strength and stiffness to the pavements, mechanically interlocking aggregate to reinforce the structure and reduce the amount of material needed.

Our reinforcement solutions assist our design team in optimizing pavement structures, effectively reducing carbon emissions, and accelerating construction time.

Weyerhaeuser has continuously turned to Pacific GeoSource to reinforce its access roads, landings, and log yards. Our innovative solutions helped them save money through the reduction of materials and pavement life extension. On top of cost savings, our longer-lasting pavements significantly reduce repair disruptions and site closures, meaning less money lost from operational shutdowns.

At Pacific GeoSource, we innovate and step outside the box. We utilize our proven pavement reinforcement technologies and solutions to help you realize a significant return on investment from your pavement assets. Our team of licensed pavement engineering and experienced field professionals work seamlessly with your construction team to guide your project to success.

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